Bespoke overlay doors
perfectly suitable for your home

Whether it is a wardrobe, a bookcase or a TV cabinet: at Licht en Meubels you can create the cabinet that fits perfectly in your interior. With us you can choose between system cabinets that you can take apart and cabinets that are actually built into your home. We carry the brands Dailyhome, ABC Reoler, Lundia Original and Mocoba. All our cabinets are made of high-quality materials and are produced in the Netherlands and Germany.

Assembly and maintenance
How much does a custom cabinet cost?

The installation of custom opaque doors requires careful attention to detail to ensure perfect placement and adjustment. This is completely taken out of our hands. 

The beauty of these doors is that it has very little under holding.

Siding doors we made:

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Prices on this website

On our website we work with prices from. This is because many of our products are customizable in color and material. You can use the prices on our website as an indication of the price range. If you come by, we can look at your wishes together and show you the possibilities. Based on your wishes we can give you an accurate price.