Gelderland generations trade-in service

To take the next step in Gelderland's circular manufacturing process, there is now the Gelderland Generations Trade-in Service.

Our new Gelderland models like the Prime, Van Doesburg, 6950 Lounge and Hebe are in high demand. But what to do with the old Gelderland sofa? Trade it in through the new Gelderland Generations program and we will give 20% discount on the new sofa!

How does it work?

When you have selected a piece of furniture from the Gelderland collection with us or in the Gelderland showroom, you can hand in your old Gelderland sofa. In return, you will receive 20% discount on the new sofa.

This is as follows:

  • Find a new sofa from the current Gelderland collection.
  • Provide a photo of the old sofa and the original Gelderland certificate.
  • Upon receipt of the order and photos, we will confirm the order with 20% discount on the new sofa.

Once the new sofa is ready, it will be delivered and your old sofa will also be collected. The old sofa is taken apart by Gelderland and all materials are reused or disposed of responsibly.

Trade-in calculation example

You trade in a 4800 sofa for a new Prime in leather with a suggested retail price of €9,500. Because of the 20% rebate, the old sofa is then worth €1,900!

Trade-in terms:

The old sofa is still in Gelderland's current collection and comes with the original Gelderland certificate.

The 20% discount applies to all models in all fabric classes.

The new sofa will be delivered according to the current recommended prices and delivery terms.

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Prices on this website

On our website we work with prices from. This is because many of our products are customizable in color and material. You can use the prices on our website as an indication of the price range. If you come by, we can look at your wishes together and show you the possibilities. Based on your wishes we can give you an accurate price.