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Design on Stock Aikon lounge sofa 1-arm & pouf


Design on Stock


Marike Andeweg
The strength of Aikon Lounge sofa (shown here in the 1 arm version) by Marike Andeweg lies in the flexible, modular nature of the seating elements and cushions. Because of the flat seat, all elements can be placed against each other. With a minimum number of elements you already create a very spacious sofa, yet with an airy image, because the wide back is visible behind the cushions. By placing your own back and decorative cushions in different sizes and colors, the sofa gets a unique look. You can choose to sit, lounge or sleep. You create your own Aikon Lounge in three steps: first you choose one or more seating elements, then the back cushions and, as a finishing touch, the decorative cushions. If you want a change, you can easily combine the elements in a different arrangement or place them loose in the room. Available in 126 fabric and 46 leather versions. Starting price for 2.5-seater lounge sofa (with 1 arm), as shown in image. Includes two back cushions and three lounge cushions.


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